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by Shahzadi Devje

Work with Registered Dietitian

Hey there Health Seekers, Healthy Brands & Corporate Groups!

As a Registered Dietitian, it’s my mission to not only provide my community with delicious meal ideas, and simple strategies for healthy living but to also provide awareness to brands that I feel align with my nutritional philosophy…

And that is, that eating healthily is a way of life, but it must also be enjoyable — really enjoyable.

If you’re a health seeker (individual or group), have Type 2 Diabetes, or you represent a “healthy brand” and are interested in working with me: Shahzadi Devje, Desi~licous RD — here’s how I can help you…

Corporate Wellness, Group Consulting & Keynote Speaking

Work with Registered Dietitian

Work with registered dietitian

Does your corporate group want to create a more healthy-minded community and health-forward work culture?

Do you have a health-focused event that you wish to feature an award-winning Dietitian and dynamic keynote speaker?

Here is how I can help with your corporate group’s needs:

  • Interactive Workshops, Online Wellness Programs, Lunch ‘n Learns, Booth Events & Food Demos
  • Experience collaborating with top-tier organizations in designing, delivering and evaluating employee wellness initiatives, supporting corporate wellness events and lunch ‘n learn speaking events.
  • FEATURED PARTNERS: I have partnered with notable companies such as Proctor & Gamble, PwC, and Lifescan.

Work with Registered Dietitian

​”Shahzadi Devje’s workshop was highly interactive. She presented valuable information which was tailored to meet the needs of our diverse client base.


I found Shahzadi’s workshop to be highly informative and thorough. We look forward to having Shahzadi back for another wonderful presentation.”


~ Across Boundaries, An Ethnoracial Mental Health Centre

CONTACT ME about working with your Corporate Group or to inquire about Keynote Speaking

Brand Representation

If you think your brand might be a good fit for the Desi-licious RD platform, here are all the ways I would love to show it off for you!

  • Sponsored blog posts (recipes and/or product placement)
  • Sponsored video content (recipes and/or product placement)
  • Product reviews
  • Educational & nutrition resources videos
  • Giveaways & social media promotional posts
  • Email promotions

FEATURED BRANDS/PARTNERS: California Dried Plums, Bentilia Pasta, Marine Stewardship Council


Check out my YouTube Channel for some of my sponsored video content!

It is always an absolute pleasure working with Shahzadi. She is a consummate professional, distinguished by her curiosity, warmth, passion, and unmistakable authenticity. Beyond her expertise as a Registered Dietician, Shahzadi is a creator, an entrepreneur and a media expert on camera with a unique ability to bring nutritional information to life. She values partnerships and most importantly, thinks critically about those she embarks on ensuring they align deeply with her own values and beliefs. As such, you know that she only undertakes projects she is 100% passionate about and committed to. Shahzadi will be frank and honest with you, and if you’re fortunate that your missions, visions and goals align, it will be a relationship you’ll cherish for a long time.


~Celine Rouzaud, Marine Stewardship Council

You are not just a talented Nutritionist Dietitian but an awesome writer and, cook – wow!! The recipe and blog is awesome, and we like it very much”.


~Bentilia Pasta

“The product video is amazing! We LOVE it”.


~California Dried Plums

“We LOVE your video recipe. It’s incredible”.


~Kitchen Aid Canada Ambassadors

Product Innovation & Recipe Development

Let me help YOU build your health & nutrition company with product innovation, recipe development, and creation of other visually inspiring resources for your community and target audience!

  • Recipe development and review, menu and nutrition program planning, nutritional analysis and food photography. Yes, photography too!
  • FEATURED WEBSITES: leading food photography websites, including Foodgawker and Tastespotting

Work with Registered Dietitian

Social Innovation & Community Engagement

  • As the Chairperson of a progressive, volunteer-driven international civil society, I am responsible for the following:
    • Leading the management and operations
    • Global team recruitment and coaching
    • Stakeholder management
    • Outreach, programming & evaluation
    • Marketing & communications
  • FEATURED PROJECT: The Ismaili Nutrition Centre — empowering the global and diverse Ismaili Muslim community to embrace healthy eating, and healthy living, ultimately to reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases

Work with Registered Dietitian

I would value the opportunity to bring this kind of social innovation to your company or project as well!

CONTACT ME about Product & Social Innovation for YOUR business.

Media: Written, Video or Audio

Are you looking for an award-winning media Dietitian and Nutrition Expert to comment on the latest health trend (written, video or audio) or to have as an engaging guest for your media feature?


I am available to contribute to your publication as a Nutrition & Diabetes Expert.
I am a regular HuffPost blogger and I’ve also been featured in:

  • Forbes
  • National Public Radio
  • NBC
  • Chatelaine Magazine
  • Shape Magazine
  • Global News
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Check out all of my media features!


Available to contribute to radio and on-camera nutrition segments.

Currently, I am the resident Nutritionist for REVERSED, a diabetes-focused reality show, by celebrity Chef, Charles Mattocks (Aired July 2017 on Discovery Life Channel). I developed the nutrition program; including education sessions for the show participants:

  • Facilitated diabetes relevant workshops and cooking demonstrations – live for TV segments
  • Provided one-on-one coaching and nutrition support to participants
  • Collaborated with show producers and director to plan and execute segments
  • Worked with chef to plan diabetes-friendly meals and snacks for participants
  • Media and PR activities to promote the show

Check out the teaser video below!

We had the great pleasure of working with Shahzadi during the production of our reality TV show, Reversed (filmed in Montego Bay, Jamaica).


Shahzadi also distinguished herself as the consummate professional and was such a joy to be around at all times. We instantly gravitated to her calming and joyful spirit and demeanor.


In fact, she was widely regarded as the surrogate mom for everyone on set. We are grateful for the privilege of having worked with Shahzadi.”


~ Charles Mattocks Productions


Learn more about working with Shahzadi Devje, The Desi~Licious RD


Meal Plan Mastery for Type 2 Diabetes coming soon!

Do you have Type 2 Diabetes and are thinking about making changes (big or small) to your eating habits, but you’re overwhelmed with so many choices – as in, nutritional information overload?!

Are you unsure about what and how much food to eat to control your blood sugars – minus the restriction and deprivation? I feel your frustration!

Do you struggle to plan out healthy, balanced meals – and then there’s the food preparation, oh my!

Are you worried that eating healthy will leave a hole in your wallet? So now what?!

Are you afraid that the odds of sticking to your healthy eating promises are stacked against you? You want to know the secrets of making healthy habits stick!

** The Desi~licious Diabetes Nutrition Den coming soon **

(While you’re waiting for us to put the finishing touches on this high-valued resource,

diabetes healthy eating guide to control blood sugars


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