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Struggling With Hunger?
32 EASY Diabetes-Friendly Snack Ideas

Prevent Blood Sugar Spikes & Curb Hunger With These 32 Diabetes-Friendly SNACK Ideas

Snack SMART To Keep Your Blood Sugars In Check

Snacks can play an important role in meal planning, especially if you have diabetes. When chosen carefully, snacks can add vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein and healthy fats to your diet. If you're struggling with hunger or erratic blood sugars (or both), snacks may help to control your appetite and stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Now remember, not all snacks are created equal and poor quality snacks can lead to excess intake of calories, saturated fat, sodium, and sugar - all of which can impact your weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar control negatively.

The best snacks are the ones that are:

  • Easy to make
  • Taste great
  • Are nourishing
  • And don't throw your sugars out of whack

Satisfy your mid-morning or mid-afternoon cravings with these 32 snacks that are carbohydrate controlled.

32 EASY Diabetes-Friendly Snack Ideas

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