Chicken Vegetable Soup


This easy-to-make chicken vegetable soup recipe is perfect for when you're feeling under the weather or just want a light, nourishing meal. It's broth-style, light and full of flavour.


Step 1

To make this chicken vegetable soup, start by sautéing the garlic and ginger with bay leaves in a cast iron cooking pot.

Step 2

Add onion and saute before adding chicken and turmeric. Cook the thighs until golden, stirring to prevent them from sticking to the bottom of the pot.

Step 3

Throw in carrots, celery, and chicken broth. Let the soup come to a boil then turn down the heat to low-medium and simmer for 25 minutes while covered.

Step 4

After 25 minutes, finish your chicken and vegetable soup with sea salt, black pepper and fresh parsley. Enjoy!

Exceptional source of vitamin A

7 grams of carbs

High protein

Nutrition facts per serving

Source of vitamin potassium & iron

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Total time



3 servings

40 mins

7 g

23 g

Chicken Vegetable Soup