This is the only Persian Love Cake recipe you'll ever need. The fusion of rose and cardamom creates an irresistible cake - perfect for any celebration!


Love Cake: Step 1

Cream butter, sugar, eggs and yogurt. Using the whisk attachment introduces air, resulting in a fluffier cake compared to the paddle attachment.

Love Cake: Step 2

Whisk in cardamom, vanilla, and rose water. Fresh seeds from cardamom pods offer a potent and aromatic flavour profile.

Love Cake: Step 3

Add flour, almond meal, and baking soda and whisk. Opt for almond meal over almond flour; its slightly coarser texture adds depth to the cake’s taste.

Love Cake: Step 4

Use the leftover butter from the wrapper to grease a 6-inch cake pan. Then, line it with parchment paper.

Love Cake: Step 5

Gently, pour the batter into the prepared pan. Then, use a spatula to gently level the top. Send to bake in a preheated oven.

Love Cake: Step 6

As soon as the cake is done baking, swiftly remove it from the pan to prevent overcooking. Cool completely on a wire rack.

Love Cake: Step 7

Once cooled, gently level the top with a serrated knife or cake leveller to create an even surface.

Cake Glaze and Decoration: Step 1

Start by combining powdered sugar, rose water, and milk in a mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly until you achieve a smooth thick consistency.

Cake Glaze and Decoration: Step 2

Gently pour the prepared glaze bit by bit over the cake. This ensures a thorough and even coating.

Cake Glaze and Decoration: Step 3

Sprinkle dried roses and petals around the border. Follow with another border of crushed pistachios to finish the cake.

Source of iron

Source of vitamin A

Source of calcium

Nutrition facts per wrap



Total time



8 slices

1 hr 20 mins

47 g

353 kcal