Try this curried canned tuna sandwich and be delighted by its delicious textures and flavours. Make it for lunch or utilize it to make a quick and healthy dinner — prepped in only 10 minutes!


Step 1

To begin, cut the celery into quarters with a paring knife. Then, chop into tiny pieces using a utility knife, and you're all set!

Step 2

Afterwards, cut half the spring onion into fourths and finely chop it.

Step 3

Cut the jalapeno in fourths, then scrape out its seeds. Slice it into thin strips before dicing it into tiny pieces - using only half of the pepper.

Step 4

Delicately pluck the cilantro leaves from the stems and chop them finely.

Step 5

For a lower-calorie and lighter meal, opt for Albacore tuna in water. After opening the can, remember to drain away the liquid before using it.

Step 6

Carefully mash the tuna into little flakes with a medium fork, taking your time to ensure it is mashed.

Step 7

Subsequently, stir in the diced celery, spring onion, jalapeno and cilantro to the tuna until it's nicely mixed.

Step 8

Combine Greek yogurt (which helps bind the ingredients), curry powder, salt and pepper. Mix together with a fork until all of the components are well-mixed.

Step 9

To construct the sandwich, smear half the tuna filling onto one slice of bread.

Step 10

Then, top it with a generous helping of lettuce or any other greens. Cover with another slice of bread and press down lightly to complete your tuna sandwich.

Low in fat

Good source of iron

High in protein

Nutrition facts per sandwich

Low carb


Total time



2 servings

10 mins

17 g

23 g

Curried Canned Tuna Sandwich