Tuna Salad


With Greek Yogurt

This easy recipe for curried tuna salad with Greek yogurt is a healthy, tasty, and fast way to get lunch or dinner on the table. It's perfect as a high protein snack too!


Step 1

Start by cutting the celery into quarters using a paring knife - it's the perfect tool for this step. Then, dice into very small chunks using a utility knife.

Step 2

Next, cut half of the spring onion into quarters. And chop it finely.

Step 3

Quarter the jalapeno and deseed it. Then, slice into thin strips and dice into very small pieces. You are only using half a jalapeno.

Step 4

Carefully separate the cilantro leaves from the stems and chop them finely.

Step 5

Open a can of Albacore tuna in water – it's a low-fat, lighter-calorie choice than tuna in oil. Then drain the water from the tuna.

Step 6

Using a medium fork, finely mash the tuna into small flakes. Take your time here!

Step 7

Then, add chopped celery, spring onion, jalapeno and cilantro to the tuna and mix thoroughly.

Step 8

Add Greek yogurt helps to bind everything), curry powder and seasoning. Mix with a fork until thoroughly combined. Enjoy!

High in protein

Low carb

Low fat

Nutrition facts per serving

~100 calories


Total time



2 servings

10 mins

3 g

19 g

Tuna Salad


With Greek Yogurt