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‘Meal Prep Sunday’ Meal Plan

Prepare 5 days of tasty meals & snacks on Sunday, in roughly 2 hours!

Want to eat healthily but have literally no time to cook every night? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

The ‘Meal Prep Sunday’ Meal Plan gives step-by-step guidance on how to prepare healthy and wholesome meals and snacks for the entire week – all done and dusted in roughly 2 hours!

It includes tasty and predominantly plant based recipes, grocery list and a COMPLETE meal plan to cater for one person.

Your Sunday just got a whole lot easier!

Stuck to unstoppable!
This dietitian-approved and taste-tested recipe ebook is 100% FREE!!

“You made it so easy that I thought I could do it. Tomorrow it will be my breakfast!”

– Jen H

“I am so glad I found this recipe!! So easy and absolutely delicious!! I ate it on top of garlic naan with avocado and extra homemade hot sauce. Delish!!”

– Elizabeth Walker

“Both my partner & myself have switched to vegan dishes & this was my first time cooking with eggplant. The recipe was straight forward & video easy to follow. The dish turned out to be perfect with great flavour & taste.”

– George Eng
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