Are you frustrated trying different food strategies and diets to stabilize your blood sugars, but it’s just not working? Are you cutting carbs and feeling deprived? Or perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused about what to eat to keep your blood sugars in check. It’s time for a 180 – change the habits that don’t serve you and adopt new ones that propel you to health and vitality.

Although there isn’t a special “diabetic diet” that fits everyone’s needs, there are general principals that can help you better manage diabetes, and feel your best. Eating healthfully is key to helping stabilize your blood sugars (A1C), blood pressure (B) and cholesterol (C) levels (ABCs). This means making smart choices and being mindful, to get a handle on your ABCs.

My Diabetes 180 Starter Kit is about reversing the habits and mindset that are hurting your health and to set you on the right path to better managing your blood sugars – for life. And rest assured, there is no fluff here; everything I share in this kit is backed by science

What’s included in your diabetes healthy eating guide to control blood sugars:

  • Discover my tried and tested food tips that have shown to help my diabetes clients stabilize their blood sugars and boost their energy and vitality.
  • Find a detailed list of diabetes-friendly foods to stock your fridge and pantry.
  • Learn the best nourishing foods you should eat to control your blood sugars and prevent spikes.
  • Explore simple self-care practices to help you pull the reins on stress and feel your best
  • Access to a handy plant-based guide post to help you get complete nutrition.
  • Get EASY mouthwatering and nourishing recipes that are quick to whip up – complete with nutritional analysis.

This juicy kit shows you exactly what a diabetes-friendly diet looks and includes my best nutritional tactics that have shown to help my diabetes clients stabilize their blood sugars and feel their best.  I’ve also included some bonus strategies for your overall well-being; like simple self-care practices, to help you pull the reins on stress, and feel your best. Your Diabetes Starter kit is filled with some of the best nutritional nuggets I have to offer you. Plus, it’s delivered in bite-sized chunks so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Desi~liciously Yours, Shahzadi